General Update and Reminder:

“As you will be aware this virus situation is getting more difficult across the country, but particularly in Glasgow. Thankfully, none of the recent changes to restrictions have affected our ability to gather for Mass and other communal acts of worship. But the rising number of cases is a reminder to us of the need to reinforce our vigilance and our fulfillment of all the requirements previously sent out.

We can become fed-up with constant cleaning. We can become very weary of the difficulties of turning people away when our capacity is reached. We can become tired of telling people, again and again, to stand 2m apart, to pull up their masks, to cover their nose as well as their mouth, and to sanitise their hands. Despite this, we need to keep doing all this if we are to keep our parishes safe places and if we are to keep our parishes open.

There is already talk from the Government about places of worship being under review – all it takes is one person catching COVID-19 because their local Parish did not bother with precautions and we could all be shut down. More importantly, we do not want to see anyone catch the virus because of a failure on our part.”

Archdiocese of Glasgow
28th September 2020