Notices: 27th Sunday Ordinary Time

S.C.I.A.F. (Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund)

Many thanks to those who have returned Lenten WEE BOXES and who have made donations towards SCIAF’s Lenten 2020 project – poverty, child slavery, and female sexual abuse in the Democratic Republic of Congo. A donation of £560 was sent to SCIAF in your name.

The U.K. Government has confirmed it will ‘double’ this amount as it was returned during September. Many Thanks.

SCIAF is currently looking for volunteers to help them raise awareness of SCIAF’s work in parishes throughout Scotland. Please help them as they seek to hopefully welcome 100 new Parish volunteers over the next two years helping to champion SSCIAF’s brand new campaign to stop hunger, conflict, and injustice.

Could you put up posters, hand out WEE BOXES here in St. Ninian’s, perhaps help to deliver talks about SCIAF’s work or organise fundraising events in St. Ninian’s? Join the SCIAF team, make new friends, and give a hand up to people in poverty.

If you are interested please speak to Fr. Frank, or visit or call 0141 354 5555.


We offer our warmest congratulations and prayerful best wishes to our parish school children from St. Ninian’s Primary who celebrated their First Holy Communion on Saturday 3rd October. We pray that their enthusiasm, joy, and love of Jesus may grow daily and remain with them throughout their lives.

Next Saturday, 10th October, we warmly welcome our parish children who attend other local schools to receive their First Holy Communion at 11 am Mass.

We thank our Parents, Teachers, Catechists, and all our Parishioners who have helped to prepare our children for the most memorable day in their lives.


Our Parish children (Primary 7 – last term) now in S1 were due to receive their Sacrament of Confirmation on 29th April earlier this year. Archbishop Tartaglie is keen that these children receive this Sacrament in the near future. To that effect, he has invited all Parish Priests of these children to seek delegation from him in order that they may confer this Sacrament on his behalf. I (Fr. Frank) will be seeking this delegation on behalf of our children and Parish and will give further details as soon as possible.


The Daily Record and Sunday Mail newspapers are currently running a ‘Kits for Kids’ giveaway top of the range kids football strips for community and schools (youth) football clubs. St. Ninian’s Primary School hopes to apply for a set of 16 strips for our school children. This will require 1800 tokens to be collected by 25th October 2020. Tokens are printed each day in the Daily Record and the Sunday Mail. If you would like to help our Primary School, please cut out your daily token from the newspaper(s) and hand them to the Church house which will be passed on to the School Office.


Please pray for the repose of the soul of (Bridget) Brenda McCoid or Priory road whose body will be received into the Church Tuesday, 6th October at 10:00 am followed by Funeral Mass.

Funeral Masses are limited to 20 persons – this mass will be attended by family members only.

–   May she Rest in Peace   –