Notices: 32nd Sunday of the year


The Catholic Church in Glasgow is issuing an extraordinary appeal during the month of November to anyone who may have been affected by any kind of abuse at the hands of clergy or church officials … ‘tell us where we went wrong and how we can do better’.
During the designated month, The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) is conducting an external, independent review of the Archdiocese of Glasgow to hear from people with first-hand experience of how the Archdiocese has responded to reports of abuse.

A spokesman for the Archdiocese said – ‘This a genuine attempt to listen and learn. The Social Care Institute is a totally independent body that will conduct this month-long audit. The Archdiocese will have no role except to help to publicise that this audit is taking place and that the external team want to hear directly from abuse survivors.

‘The Social Care Institute wants to understand what is happening today and what has gone wrong in the past. They are looking at the responses of people in diocesan roles of knowledge of abuse by clergy or risks posed by clergy and others in Church-related roles, paid or voluntary.

While the audit will concentrate on the last 5 years, we recommend that anyone who has experience of how we have dealt with abuse claims should speak to SCIE staff directly. Nobody at any level in the Church will be told that they are taking part. What they tell SCIE will be confidential and will not be shared with the Archdiocese except as part of an overall report which will absolutely not identify any individual.’

Dr. Sheila Fish, SCIE Head of Audit and Review, said – ‘We want to understand what is working well and where there are problems. We want to hear from people with first-hand experience of how people in diocesan roles have responded to disclosures of abuse or sharing of concerns.’ When the work has been completed the Archdiocese will publish the report and copies will be made available to survivors.

Anyone who may wish to report on their experience should contact SCIE directly by email at or by phone on 07921251614. SCIE will then get in touch to arrange a time to report to the auditors in a way that suits each individual.


For the World Day of the Poor this year, November 14th – Pope Francis has chosen the theme: ‘Poverty is not the fate of the poor’. The theme for the fifth World Day of the Poor is – ‘The poor you will always have with you’. It is taken from Mark’s Gospel (14:7). Pope Francis invites us to read the signs of the times and to ‘find new ways of being evangelisers in the contemporary world’.

Pope Francis in this year’s message reminds us that material poverty ‘should motivate us to creative planning, aimed at increasing the freedom needed to live a life of fulfilment according to the abilities of each person. Poverty is not the fault and fate of the poor. They have much to teach us. It is important to understand how they feel, what they are experiencing and what their hearts desire.’
Pope Francis refers in his 2021 message to St Damian of Molokai, who died of Hansen’s disease in 1889 after spending the last sixteen years of his life caring for people with the disease, who were permanently in lockdown and quarantined in Kalaupapa on the Hawaiian island of Molokai. ‘His testimony is most timely in our own days, marked by the coronavirus – 19 pandemic. God’s grace is at work in all those who, without fanfare spend themselves for the poorest, sharing with them in concrete ways.’

In response to Pope Francis’ call to serve the needy, poor and vulnerable in our neighbourhood and city we invite our parishioners to bring an item of food or clothing or to give a donation to our parish St Vincent de Paul Society next Sunday – 14th November, which can be shared by those most in need in our local vicinity. Many thanks.


Our Advent Carol Service with St Margaret’s, Church of Scotland, will take place this year on the last Sunday of Advent.

We are looking for choir members old and new. Home practice materials will be provided and any ‘in person’ practices will be socially distanced. Opera singer voices are not required, just a willingness to make a joyful praise of God. Please contact Andrew Barrie – 07758635135 or speak to Fr Frank or Fr Celestine for more information.

We would like to involve our young people (with parental consent) in the service. If you would be prepared to read or join our Advent choir please speak to Andrew or our parish clergy.


Maryhill Parish Church and The Immaculate Conception Parish invite you to a Taize Evening Prayer on Monday 8th November at Immaculate Conception Church at 7pm. (All Covid protocols in place. Everyone welcome).


New rotas can be collected from Sacristy – list for availability for Christmas day Masses also in Sacristy.


Our parish community extend our sympathy and prayers to the families and friends of Patricia Farrell (Ashby Crescent), Josephine (Joey) McNamee (Oakview Nursing Home) and Sr Elizabeth Farel (Helpers of the Holy Souls) whose funeral Masses and Committals took place on Tuesday (2nd), Thursday (4th) and Friday (5th November). May they rest in peace.

10am – Monday 8th November – Funeral Mass of Alan McNicol (Banner Road). All are welcome to attend this Mass.

Evening Mass – Month of the Holy Souls.
Monday 8th – Friday 12th November at 7pm

–   May they Rest in Peace   –


Steven Welsh and Mary McGlin.


Louise Devlin
Frances Spears

–   May they Rest in Peace   –


Marion Robertson, Patricia Hoey (Uddingston), Pearl McGrath, Jean Boyce, John Dick (St Brendan’s), Desmond Balmer (Balloch), Ella Differ, Edward and Patricia McIlroy (Glendinning Road), Maureen Donohue, Patricia Farrell (Ashby Crescent), Josephine (Joey) McNamee (Oakview Nursing Home), Sr Elizabeth Farel (Helpers of the Holy Souls), Alan McNicol (Banner Road), Maureen Devine (Murchison – Ascot Court), John Dunphy and Melanie Rafferty

–   May they Rest in Peace   –


Diana Miller, Hilda Badcoe, Mary McCann, James Bonini, Cecil Roach, Tommy Burrows, Margaret McCabe, Jean Speirs, Robert Speirs (Jnr), Charles Grimes (Snr), Bill Paterson, Lizzie Mosson and Colette McKenna

–   May they Rest in Peace   –