Notices: 4th Sunday of Easter


Will be celebrated for our parish (P4) school children on Saturdays 14th and 21st May at 10.30am Mass. Please note that entry to both these Masses is by invite only. Each of our ‘communicants’ families will receive 10 tickets.

There will be no 9am Mass on Saturdays 14th and 21st May.


Our parish Primary 7 schoolchildren will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation on Wednesday 1st June at 7pm Mass. Parents/Guardians of our children are asked to come along to our parish Church on Monday 25th April (6pm) to enroll these children.


Would like to thank everyone for their support last Saturday morning – over £900 was raised to support the people of Ukraine.


Will be running a bus to Carfin on Sunday 29th May – leaving Church at 1pm and returning for around 5pm. Please contact Lynsay Murphy on 0141 959 4670 or speak to Legion of Mary praesidium members.


We remember in our daily prayers all those who are preparing to sit important examinations in our schools, colleges and universities. May their hard work and efforts over the past year(s) be rewarded with success.


Our parish Pastoral Council met on Wednesday (4th) to pull together the thoughts of parishioners at the Synodality meeting in the parish hall on Thursday 28th April. The theme of our parish gathering was WALKING TOGETHER towards FULLNESS OF LIFE.
The evening began with a welcome and thanks from Fr Frank who reminded us that the Church Synod and our coming together as parish and people of God is not about persuading others of our opinions. The purpose is for the whole Church to travel this path together – to pray, reflect, speak out, listen – above all to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit in each person as we discern God’s will for the Church – to deepen our communion and participation in the life and mission of the Church.

We then began our evening with a prayer together to the Holy Spirit. We took a moment or two to speak to those around us – introducing ourselves and asking ourselves also what brought us along to the meeting. After feedback we looked at ‘Synodality’ – what is it? What’s the plan? What does it mean to belong to the Church? – ‘being’ a Church that fulfils our desires. We have each an equal dignity and are called to walk together in equality, recognising the equal dignity of all those who make up our Church (the people of God). It was felt that our equal dignity suggests that this Synodal time can now be a time to promote equal responsibility throughout or Church communities. The whole life of the Church needs the contribution of every single person. ‘Listening’ to one another is just the start of our journey – together. We asked the question ‘where does this ‘Synod’ lead us to? – hopefully into a new growth into the fullness of life – the life, love and joy of the Gospel itself – living out our faith for each other – sharing our gifts, creating a Church and parish communities where everyone feels welcome, no-one unsupported and no-one feels judged. We are being call (by the Holy Spirit) to grow into a Church which is being continually renewed.
After Sister Anne’s reflection on FULLNESS OF LIFE we took some quiet time to reflect on Archbishop Nolan’s observation that ‘we seem to have lost our enthusiasm for the good news, and yet that’s the whole purpose of the Church’s existence – to preach the good news’.

After our break for tea we spoke about ‘Walking together’ in St Ninian’s – what it might look like in 2022 and beyond, what might you be prepared to contribute to this journey and what is being asked of us now? Comments and observations noted ranged from gratitude of being able to return to Mass, Sacraments and our parish community after Covid ‘closures’ and restrictions, how we have been made to feel welcome on our return and the friendliness shown – more could/should be done to include our younger generation of children, youth, young parents with families – we could learn from the Church community of Baptists (Knightswood Road).

Although God’s mercy was found through the celebration of Mass – there was still a sense that many of our people continue to live with and carry an unjust sense of guilt in their lives. It was suggested that our young children could benefit from ‘bible history’ in the development/formation of their faith. The Church exists to enrich our lives and we are called to share with our fellow Christians. Joy comes also through our families and our parish has been enriched in recent years by the contribution of many different cultures and backgrounds. Justice and Peace must be a priority – clerical child abuse has caused much trauma and heartache. If there is to be a place in the Church for everyone no-one regardless of status, sexual orientation or marital situation must be judged or condemned – but welcomed and unconditionally loved and respected – what can/must the Church do to be with people in certain situations to offer support. Our evening finished with a shared prayer.
We are aware that many people were not able to come along to our parish gathering but we would still like to hear your thoughts about how to live more fully the life that we would like to develop in our parish. Please if you have thoughts on this, email them to or no later than next Sunday (15th May). Special thanks to Bernie and Sister Anne who led our parish gathering on Thursday 28th April.


Monday 9th May to Friday 13th May – Rosary and Benediction at 7pm.


Congratulations to Jim Kelly and Fiona Richardson who were married on Saturday (7th May). Our prayers and best wishes for a long and fulfilled life together.

–   Ad multos annos   –


Our parish community extends our sympathy and support to the family and friends of Anne Doyle (formerly St Ninian’s) whose funeral Mass and Committal took place on Wednesday 4th May – may she rest in peace.

Funeral Masses on:-
Wednesday 11th May – 10am – Anna Equi (Whittinghame Drive ) – RIP.
Thursday 12th May – 10am – Agnes Heron (Moraine Avenue) – RIP

–   May they Rest in Peace   –


Fr Frank O’Rourke (Retired – St Michael’s, Parkhead), Cecilia McMeekin (Former Head – Notre Dame), Thomas Campbell, Michelle Caulfield, Carol Mackay, Anna Equi (Whittinghame Drive), Anne Doyle and Agnes Heron (Moraine Avenue).

–   May they Rest in Peace   –


Joe Gemson, Elizabeth Houston, Susan Gormley, Tina McCann, Vincent Gillies, Jim Roarty,
Kathleen Roach, Mary Jane Duffy, Cissie McGuire, Wendy Nisbet and John Joseph Kelly.

–   May they Rest in Peace   –


Mary McKenna (Birthday), Maureen Cannon (Birthday) and Desmond Balmer (6).

–   May they Rest in Peace   –


We wish all those who are celebrating Wedding Anniversaries at this time of the year continued happiness and joy in the years ahead – to all brother priests, religious, and deacons the strength to continue to serve God’s people in humility, charity, respect, joy, and compassion in imitation of our Lord and Master, Jesus.

–   Ad multos annos to all   –


Fr Frank is available to celebrate this sacrament either before or after weekday and Sunday Masses or at a time that can be arranged for convenience. Please speak to our priests.


Both Deacon Tommy and Fr Frank are available to bring Holy Communion to any of our parishioners who are presently unable to attend Mass. Please let us know to arrange a home visit.


We pray for all our sick – parishioners, family, benefactors, and friends, and all who care for them on our behalf.


Many thanks to all our parishioners for your generosity towards our parish and clergy, it is most appreciated. Our retiral collection last week (Assisted parishes of Archdiocese) raised the most generous sum of £780. This weekend (7/8 May) our retiral collection is taken up in support and upkeep of our national Seminarians (Ecclesiastical students) preparing for future ministry as priests.