SCIAF’s Lenten Appeal 2021 focuses on the ongoing crisis in South Sudan and how a generation of children with disabilities are locked out of an education and trapped in a cycle of poverty. The frequent conflict has left behind a legacy of fear, displacement, and despair, making it one of the world’s poorest and most fragile states. Children with disabilities were already the most vulnerable in society. Now the coronavirus pandemic has deepened already existing levels of poverty, putting them at greater risk. When a crisis comes, be it conflict, famine, or even the coronavirus, its vulnerable children in the poorest countries who suffer most.

Many children with disabilities in South Sudan are not able to go to school or, later on, to work and earn a living. They may have no access to support services or hospitals for treatment. They may face stigma and exclusion. Due to a lack of education and opportunities, children with disabilities can miss out on vital learning that helps them to break out of the cycle of poverty, unlock their potential and live life to the full.

Vaida, who features in your WEE BOX pack, was just 14 when she became paralysed and completely dependent on her family members. After years of war and instability, South Sudan has little infrastructure to provide even emergency medical treatment for children with disabilities, let alone the long-term care required for a child-like Vaida to live a healthy, happy life.

Children born in the world’s poorest places deserve a chance to live a full life.
Our parishes can change the future of children like Vaida for the better and help more children with disabilities in South Sudan to live life to the full. When you support our WEE BOX appeal, you help us to work hand in hand with our local partners and key community members, so that children with disabilities in South Sudan can access the education and support they need to improve their lives.

Our parish’s support will help to adopt six schools so that pupils with disabilities can access mainstream education. Teachers will be trained so they understand the needs of children with disabilities and how to include them in their classes. The children will be provided with aids, such as wheelchairs, ramps, hearing aids, and canes, as well as healthcare, so they can live more independently and actively participate in lessons, sports, and other activities with their classmates.

Even a small amount can make a big difference, especially as, this year, your donation will be doubled by the U.K. government. £35 could buy a classroom desk so that children don’t need to sit on the floor.

‘We need to care for and accompany people with disabilities in every condition of life – taking on situations of marginalisation with strength and tenderness’ – Pope Francis.


We hope that you will join thousands of parishioners and pupils throughout Scotland for our SCIAF Day of Prayer on 12th March, as we come together as one to offer our prayers for our sisters and brothers living in South Sudan.


We are delighted to announce that from 12 February to 11 May, all public donations to our WEE BOX, BIG CHANGE appeal will be doubled by the UK government.
Your generosity helps to support SCIAF’s life-changing work worldwide, while match funding from the UK government will provide a lifeline to children with disabilities, their families, and communities in South Sudan.


You can take part on a date of your choosing. Find out more at

SCIAF’s work is saving and transforming lives, however, this is only possible because of the generosity and prayers of our parishes throughout Scotland.
Together, we will help children with disabilities in South Sudan to access the education and support they need to build a bright future.
Thank you again for your ongoing support year on year. You are helping to improve the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable children.
The deadline for sending donations to SCIAF in order for them to be doubled by the UK aid match is 11 May 2021.
If you would like a WEE BOX, BIG CHANGE pack – please contact the Church house.

During this prolonged lockdown, we can still support SCIAF and share their Lenten message. Everything you need can be found at


Knightswood Connects is a project set up to share information and connect services with residents in Knightswood and the surrounding area over the age of 50 with the aim to tackle loneliness and isolation.

The project is funded by Glasgow Health and Social Care Partnership and managed by Wheatley Care. The aim being, to facilitate the connection of individuals to appropriate services and activities that they would like to engage with. Over the past three years the project has worked alongside many of the local community organisations to promote local activities and services, create events and workshops and link people to health, welfare and social services, whether it is to assist in the care of the individual or attend a local club.

Since March 2020, the project works to help keep seniors in the area feel supported, assist with enquiries, and point people in the right direction. Telephone 07760643533 or email


Our parish community extends our sympathy and prayers to the family and friends of

James Coyle (Rotherwood Avenue)

Billy Canning (Broomhill Drive)

Emma Burns (Erskine – Glasgow – Care Home)

Whose funeral Masses and Committals took place on Monday 15th February, Tuesday 16th February and Thursday 18th February.

–   May they Rest in Peace   –


For those who have suffered abuse and for communities who are affected by abuse was held on Friday 19th February.

We pray to the Divine Mercy to protect all those innocent and helpless children and vulnerable adults who are physically and sexually abused, especially by those whose duty it is to guide and protect them on earth.

Send down your enveloping cloak of mercy and wrap it around these poor children and enfold them in your love and protection. Send forth your rays of blood and water to cleanse and renew the souls of those who perpetrate these vile acts. May your Divine Mercy find a way and presence into the lives and homes of all abused persons, from where graces will flow as you promise, and they shall begin to be renewed.

O blood and water which gushed forth from the heart of Jesus as a font of Mercy for us, we trust in you to listen to our prayer. Forgive us Lord for those we have neglected and failed to listen to, those we have let down because of our pride and arrogance – may we learn from our mistakes and truly wash the feet of those who continue to suffer and bandage their wounds in true humility and with compassionate hearts.


Dear friends,

In recent weeks you may have heard something of the grave news from Tigray in northern Ethiopia. An armed conflict between the federal and regional governments has escalated into a shocking humanitarian crisis. We are hearing harrowing reports of tens of thousands of families displaced from their homes and that as many as 4.5 million people are without access to basic food, medical and sanitary supplies across the region.

We have been working in Tigray for many years where our trusted partners, the Daughters of Charity, normally serve over 24,000 children Mary’s Meals. We are now working with the Daughters of Charity to respond to this crisis and provide support to children and families affected by this crisis. As people of faith, we are asking you to partner with us by holding the people of Tigray and the emergency work we are doing there in your prayers.

To find out more about this appeal please visit

Thank you.