WIt was with true sadness that we received the news of Archbishop Tartaglia’s death on Wednesday 13th January (feast of St. Mungo). Please pray for the repose of his soul and the comfort of his family, loved ones, and friends. We remember our Archbishop with affection and warmth of our love.

Due to current restrictions, it is expected that the Archbishop’s Requiem Mass will be simple and give precedence to the attendance of his family. An Archdiocesan Mass will be celebrated when the circumstances permit.


With the sad and sudden death of Archbishop Tartaglia, the Archdiocese of Glasgow is now vacant, a time often referred to in Latin as ‘sede vacante’ and the governance of the Archdiocese is taken on by the College of Consultors.

In the meantime the Archdiocesan College of Consultors – Monsignor Hugh Bradley (who has automatically lost the office of Vicar-General c.481 1), Monsignor Paul Murray, Canon Robert Hill, Provost Peter Gallagher, Canon Andrew McKenzie, Canon Thomas White, Canon David Wallace, Canon Paul Gargaro and Canon Gerald Sharkey have elected Monsignor Hugh Bradley (pp Holy Cross, Crosshill) to act as the Diocesan Administrator.

The Diocesan Administrator, once elected, is bound by the obligations and possesses the power of a diocesan bishop. This power however excludes certain episcopal powers, whether by law (eg he cannot appoint parish priests, at least until a year has passed c525) or by the nature of things (eg he cannot ordain). He is also bound by the requirement that, in so far as possible, nothing in the Archdiocese should be altered.

With the vacancy in the see the Council of Priests is automatically dissolved and its role is undertaken by the College of Consultors (c501 s2).


In the absence of Fr Celestine, Fr Joe McNulty is in residence with Fr Frank and are both happy to be contacted at any time. We continue to celebrate our daily Mass for your Intentions and hold you each dearly in our hearts and in our daily prayer.


To everyone who continues to hand in food and clothing for those in need. We continue to make our contribution to all those who are struggling to cope on a day to day basis to anyone in need of our support. Any donations of food or clothing can be handed into the Church house.

‘You pray for the hungry, then feed them. That is how prayer works.’ – Pope Francis