Notices: Divine Mercy Sunday


Holy Hour in honour of the Divine Mercy will begin at 2.45pm – Sacrament of Reconciliation will be available.


Our parish Primary 7 schoolchildren will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation on Wednesday 1st June at 7pm Mass. Parents/Guardians of our children are asked to come along to our parish Church on Monday 25th April (6pm) to enrol these children.


Will be celebrated on Saturdays 14th and 21st May at 10.30am. Parish Catechesis for P4 children will take place in our parish hall on Saturday 7th May from 10.30am – 11.30am (approx).


A warm welcome into our parish family to Sonia Smith who was baptised, confirmed and received First Eucharist (Holy Communion) during our Easter Vigil Service. Our congratulations to Sonia and family and grateful thanks to our parish Catechists (R.C.I.A.).


Our parish U.C.M. are holding a coffee morning in our parish hall on Saturday 30th April (10.30am – 12.30pm) – proceeds will go towards Ukraine relief fund – tickets £2.50 – table top sale, home baking and raffle donations most welcome – see Betty Barrie (President).


Friday 29th April at 10am. Funeral Mass for Michele Jean McGarrity (Shafton Road).


Literally speaking, the word ‘synod’, derived from two Greek words syn meaning ‘together’ and hodos meaning ‘road’ or ‘way’, means a ‘coming together’. A synod is a meeting of bishops and sometimes others, from all over the world. They were started by Pope Paul VI, on the 15th September 1965, as a way to discuss doctrinal or pastoral matters and to “ensure that direct and real information is provided on questions and situations touching upon the internal action of the Church and its necessary activity in the world of today.”

Pope Francis formally launched the two year global consultation process leading to the 2023 synod on synodality with a call to look others in the eye and listen to what they have to say, to build rapport, to be sensitive to the questions of our sisters and brothers, to let ourselves be enriched by the variety of charisms, vocations and ministries among ourselves (the people of God).
We extend a warm welcome to all our parishioners to come along to our parish hall on Thursday 28th April at 7pm for a further sharing and listening to each other in planning our parish response to the themes proposed by the Synodal office of the Holy See.

The ten themes are:
1. Companions on the journey – what do we excel at and who do we leave behind?
2. Listening – do we exclude the voices we don’t want to hear?
3. Speaking out – do we speak out courageously, who does the world consider speaks for Catholicism?
4. Celebrating our faith – are our celebrations engaging, nourishing, satisfying?
5. Responsibility for our common mission – what hinders the involvement of all the Baptised?
6. Dialogue – do we speak to other Christian communities, civil society, other faith communities?
7. Through our common baptism, other Christian communities have a special place in our lives – how does this manifest itself?
8. Authority and participation in our Church – how do we open this to all Church members?
9. Discerning and deciding – how do we ensure this is inspired by the Holy Spirit and takes into consideration the fruits of the discernment of all the Baptised?
10. How do we continue to walk together, listening and discerning the way forward?


Mary Lafferty (Bishopbriggs), George Hayes, Bill Hendry, James Flaherty, Tim Kerr,
Alan McLafferty, Michelle Caulfield, Anne Anderson, Grazyna Krol (Pollok), James Hendry (Locksley Avenue), Michele McGarrity (Shafton Road) and Anne Doyle.

–  May they Rest in Peace  –


John McCabe (Jnr) (Birthday) and Gordon Watson (Birthday).

–  May they Rest in Peace  –


Nan Conway, Jimmy Mullin, Alice Mullin, John Gallacher, The Brogan Family, Gordon Watson, Maria Paolillo, Joseph McKenna and Cecilia Grimes.

–  May they Rest in Peace  –